All About Skin Brighteners

Almost everyone suffers, in one way or another, from skin discoloration. While some people have uneven skin from hyperpigmentation other may suffer from age or liver spotting. Still others may have vitiligo and attempt to even the skin tone by lightening uneffected areas.

In the last century many products have been developed to combat hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. While some products are still known as skin whiteners or skin lighteners the newest products to hit the market are skin BRIGHTENERS. Brighteners seek to do exactly that. Brighten the skin layer in order to achieve a more healthy overall glow to your skin and promote healthy overall skin lightening.
Fortunately this new breed of skin lighteners are, for the most part, all natural therefore they do not contain harmful ingredients. Harmful ingredients that have been used in skin whitening products in the past have been both Hydroquinone and Mercury. For more information regarding Hydroquinone and Mercury substances in skin brightening products see our Hydroquinone and Mercury Warning Page.

All natural skin brightening products rely on ingredients such as Alpha or Beta Arbutin, Kojic Acid, GigaWhite, Azaelaic Acid, and Glutathione. When used as instructed these ingredients have been found to effectively reduce the appearance of melasma, age and liver spotting and hyperpigmentation.

Its important to include a sun screen of SPF 30 or better when using a skin brightener or skin lightener since the skin brightener will be decreasing melanin production and will leave you more vulnerable than normal to damaging sun rays.

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