About Age Spots

Age Spots are another name for commonly occuring liver spots. Age Spots are blemishes of the skin that occur with age and exposure to the sun. They can range in color from very dark to reddish brown and are most commonly found on the hand but can occur virtually anywhere on your body. Age spots are normally considered harmless, if unsightly, and occur normally in those over 40.

Age spots can be diminished thru the use of a skin brightner or skin lightener. We strongly suggest against using any products that contain either hydroquinone or mercury as those substances have been found to be dangerous and have been banned in some countries.

We sugest a general overall skin care program to diminish these that includes both an age spot removal cream and a sunscreen. The age spot cream will lessen your protection from the sun so its important to either use a removal product with sunscreen or in combination.

Its important to note that age spots can sometimes mask the symptoms of skin cancer so we strongly suggest that your doctor test to make sure you are experiencing simple age spots and not something more serious.

You can read our reviews of the best age spot removal creams and treatments here.

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