About Liver Spots

Liver spotting and age spotting are basically interchangeable terms.

Liver spots are most commonly found in those over 40 years of age but can occur anytime. Liver spots are normally caused by over exposure to the sun and other environmental reasons although this is not the only cause.

It is important for a licensed physician to determine whether you have liver spots or something more serious. To the untrained eye skin cancer can sometimes be mistaken for liver spots so it is important to see your doctor first before starting a skin care regimen.

Liver spots are easily treated with a quality skin brightener used on a regular basis. By following the instructions you should be able to start diminishing the appearance of liver spots within a few short months. We recommend using products that contain all natural ingredients such as Arbutin or Kojic Acid. These ingredients are much safer than hydroquinone and mercury and are more effective and gentler on your skin.

You can read our reviews of the best liver spot creams and age spot treatments here.

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