About Melasma

Melasma is a dark skin discoloration of the face usually occurring in pregnant women. Melasma is most common in women and those taking hormone therapy or contraceptives. Women with a light brown skin tone and those living in areas that have high exposure to the sun seem to experience melasma the most.

Melasma is fairly harmless although it may be found unattractive and can sometimes effect self esteem. While sometimes melasma will just disappear with time after the pregnancy or discontinuing hormone therapy, however, in some cases it requires the use of a good quality skin brightener. Melasma is widely considered to be a stimulation of melanocytes or pigment-producing cells by the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone to produce more melanin pigments when the skin is exposed to sun.

Melasma creams such as SkinBright, and Revitol, have been found to be quite effective in reducing the amount of pigment producing cells and therefore cutting back the amount of melanin production. Since melasma sufferers will normally use a larger amount of skin brightener when applying we strongly suggest either purchasing a larger bottle or multiple bottles for better value. Skin Brightener can be expensive when purchased one bottle at a time and chances are one bottle will not show appreciable results.

You can read our reviews of the best melasma creams and treatments here.

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