About Skin Lightener Study

Skin Lightener Study.Com was first formed by us, Evelyn ArtisteĀ and Donatella Jones, in 2005 after experiencing less than stellar results from skin brightening products we had purchased from local retail outlets. Both of us had tried creams that ranged in price from $19 a jar to upwards of $100 and found that price did NOT dictate quality as one would expect.

Expanding our search we decided to scour the internet and find as much information as we possibly could regarding skin bleaching, lightening, and brightening. What we found was that women were using harmful chemicals in order to achieve their skin lightening goals. Some of these included Mercury and Hydroquinone. Both Mercury and Hydroquinone are banned from use in cosmetics in some countries they are so dangerous.

With that in mind we researched alternatives to the dangerous traditional scrubs and lotions people had used for so long and found that some people were starting to turn to natural products that were equally effective yet didnt utilize the harsh chemicals found elsewhere. These all natural products were using quality ingredients like Arbutin and Kojic Acid instead.

We then recruited over 20 different women to test panel an assortment of different ALL NATURAL skin brighteners. These were women suffering from everything from Melasma to age spotting. Some just wanted a overall brighter and lighter complexion. After 6 months of trial the women were asked to rank the different skin lighteners they had used in terms of quality, value, and effectiveness. The results were averaged and are reported here.

It is our hope that by using the information on our website you will find it easier to make an educated buying decision and hopefuly avoid any negative consequences.